Red Wing Dove

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Enjoy a chilled white wine or an award winning red on the patio overlooking the beautiful view of the Gholson Creek Valley.
The tasting room is open.

Lone Star Wine Competition
Silver and Bronze Medal - White Dove

Silver Medal - Tinto de Portejas

Bronze Medal - Tinto de Texas

Bronze Medal - Shiraz

Bronze Medal - Blanco de Portejas

 Red Wing Dove wines are family estate grown on a rolling Texas hillside. The special trellis design is optimal for southerly breezes to flow-through the vineyard, to bath the grapes in gentle morning sun, and provide protection of the grapes from the well-known afternoon heat.   The grapes’ natural body and breadth of flavors develops from the limestone enriched soil along with loving care that each hand-pruned vine receives.   Once harvested, grapes are immediately whisked away from the vineyard into the air conditioned winery, thus ensuring the freshest wine possible.  Grapes from the beautiful valleys of California were imported due to low yields in 2013.   All of our wines are produced from fresh, vinifera grapes at the winery in Hamilton, Texas.

White Wines

Pinot Gris – Dry, White - 2016                            100% Pinot Gris                       Glass $6.00       

Bottle $17.00

Our coppery, silvery colored grapes develop a gorgeous, very smooth and buttery, Pinot Gris wine which has been through malolactic fermentation and aged in a neutral oak barrel.  This delicious wine pairs wonderfully with creamy cheeses, seafood, and especially pork tenderloin.

Pinot Blanc – Dry, White - 2018                            100% Pinot Blanc                     Glass $6.00     

Bottle $17.00

This is the first year we have had enough Pinot Blanc grapes from harvest to make its own variatal wine.  This delicious fruit forward, crisp white wine pairs wonderfully all chicken and seafood dishes.

White Dove – Off-Dry, White - 2017     Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris Blend        Glass $6.00     

Bottle $17.00

A natural roundness of flavor is developed from this blend of gentle Pinot Blanc and fuller bodied Pinot Gris.   This off-dry, dazzling wine is enjoyed with a pairing of seafood, pork or chicken or as the wine of choice for summer afternoon refreshment.

Honeysuckle – Sweet, White - 2015                 100% Pinot Gris                        Glass $6.00     

Bottle $17.00

The name Honeysuckle is representative of this luscious sweet wine crafted from Pinot Gris grapes.  With aromas of apple and pear, this sweet wine should be served chilled with chicken, seafood and creamy cheeses.

Orange Blossom – Super Sweet, White - 2018    Pinot Gris/Viognier              Glass $6.50      

Bottle $18.00

This super sweet wine is created from a blend of crisp, citrus Pinot Gris with the delicious muskiness of Viognier and is fermented with whole fresh oranges.  This very delicious wine should be served chilled and pairs well with soft cheeses and poultry.

Judy – Sweet, Blush - 2015                            Pinot Gris/Shiraz Blend                 Glass $6.00     

Bottle $17.00

Our gorgeous sweet, blush wine is a blend of 90% Pinot Gris with 10% Shiraz producing tint similar to a glowing Texas sunset.  These two bold wines with a balanced sweetness come together to offer a fresh wine with slight tannin.  Our Judy wine pairs well with fruit, cheese, pork and turkey.

Peño Vino – Jalapeno Wine, Dry, White                   100% Pinot Gris                  Glass $6.00       

Bottle (375ml) $12.00

A wonderful, natural full jalapeno flavor is developed from this Pinot Gris wine which has been fermented with fresh, whole jalapenos.  It is especially delicious when enjoyed with Mexican food or sipping in the afternoon with various hard cheeses.  This wine provides an excellent marinating wine which adds the special extra touch of jalapeno pepper.   The 2015 Peño Vino is not hot but the 2016 Peño Vino has a gentle burn in the mouth, try it for yourself.

Blanco de Portejas – 2017                                         Pinot Gris Port Wine                       Glass $10.00     

Bottle $30.00

This delicious, sweet port wine has been developed from our fortified Pinot Gris wine and aged for over two years in oak barrels.  This special white port wine with caramel notes is delcious after dinner with all desserts.

Red Wines

Shiraz – Dry, Red - 2015                                       100% Shiraz                            Glass $7.00        

Bottle $22.00

Our big, bold Shiraz has a robust fruity flavor, exhibiting well integrated tannins and a nice balance of oak.   The notes have peppery blackberry and plum flavors typical of our warmer climate.  It is a great young wine, but as it ages, develops complexity and smoothness.   This fine dinner wine pairs well with beef and spicy Cajun or Mexican foods.

Tinto de Texas – Dry, Red - 2015                        100% Tempranillo                   Glass $7.00      

Bottle $22.00

Our oaky, aromatic Tempranillo varietal offers a hint of leather along with cherry aromas and flavors. Oak barrel aging is employed to generate increased complexity and harmony.  This savory wine pairs with all kinds of food and works especially well with bolder meat dishes and aged cheeses.

Ruby Cabernet – Dry, Red   - 2015                        100% Ruby Cabernet             Glass $7.00      

Bottle $22.00

Ruby Cabernet is a hybrid of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan grapes developed for hotter climates.  The quality of the Cabernet produces a fine, oak barrel aged wine with strong tannins and acidity.  Many richer dishes pair well with this wine such as BBQ beef ribs, mushroom risotto, and full bodied cheeses.

Knock-Out Rose’ – Dry, Rose’ – 2015                          100% Shiraz                       Glass $6.50      

Bottle $18.00

Our varietal Rose’ is drawn from lightly crushed Shiraz grapes within 24 hours to produce incredible flavor and freshness.  This premium, elegant Rose’ bursts with a nose of strawberry and a hint of spice.  This wine offers incredible pairing possibilities such as pasta, grilled fish and especially chocolate or other desserts.

No Name (Sweet Shiraz) -2018                                            100% Shiraz                           Glass $6.00      

Bottle $18.00

This Sweet Shiraz wine exhibits inherent aromas of chocolate and raspberry.   This scrumptious wine, created specifically for the sweet red wine lover, is meant to be enjoyed while relaxing on the patio, with early evening appetizers or after dinner.

Sangria – Super Sweet, Red - 2017                           Shiraz w/Fruit                       Glass $6.00     

Bottle $18.00

Our  beautiful,  sweet  Shiraz grapes  are  fermented  with  whole, fresh  fruit  including  oranges,  lemons, limes,  and  cherries  to  create  this  sweet,  fruity  Sangria wine.    This delicious, fun wine should be served over ice and pairs wonderfully with spicy foods, grilled chicken, or just as a refreshing drink.  (Be careful of the alcohol content.)

Tinto de Portejas – 2015                                          Shiraz Port Wine                       Glass $10.00     

Bottle (375ml) $20.00

This delicious, sweet port wine has been developed from our fortified Shiraz wine and aged for over two years in oak barrels.  This special wine, Tinto de Portejas, is meant to be enjoyed after dinner as a dessert wine.

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